Frequently Asked Questions

You can create a GameLoot account using your email address or by using your Steam account.
Once an account is created, you can use the same credentials to access the website in the future.
We provide game keys for all games available on our website.
You can check which game keys are available and claimable in your Inventory.
We offer keys which can be claimed & redeemed on the Steam platform.
To login, simply head over to the top right corner of the homepage where you will be prompted to use one of the login methods.
In order to log out of the website, click the drop-down arrow by your avatar in the top panel and the Logout button will be present.
To increase your GP balance, you must deposit using our G2A Pay deposit system.
You can do this by clicking the '+' button next to your balance in the top dashboard and follow the deposit process.
All games, vouchers & cards you win will be automatically claimed
and put into your Inventory if you do not wish to sell them
- in other words, you can either sell your unboxing or redeem and claim it.
In order to be able to redeem a code, you must have at least 1.00 GP deposited.
You can unlock the code redeem function by simply making one deposit
and using the credits to open a case, alongside redeeming some free credits.